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Judaic Studies Faculty Statement*

As members of the faculty of the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies at the University of Oregon, we are angry and dismayed by President Trump’s executive order to suspend the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days; to place an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees; and to deny or suspend entrance to the U.S. for 90 days to anyone arriving from seven Muslim-majority countries—Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. As scholars of Jewish history, culture, and religion, we know what denial of entry to the U.S. meant for Jewish refugees who sought to escape Hitler: slavery and death. We cannot express our distress strongly enough for the plight of our fellow humans and safety seekers. Turning refugees away from the United States is an egregious affront to the ethical and moral core of our land and society. Suspending admission to the U.S. for those who have sought to come here for study, work…for a better life…only to have it snatched away by a single signature of the President’s pen is thoroughly unjust.


Deborah A. Green
Greenberg Associate Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature
Director, Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies

Monique Rodrigues Balbuena
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies, Clark Honors College

Judith R. Baskin
Philip H. Knight Professor of Humanities

Gantt Gurley
Asst. Professor of Scandinavian

Gina Herrmann
Associate Professor of Spanish

Heidi Kaufman
Associate Professor of English

Anne Kreps
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Jeffrey S. Librett
Professor of German

David M. Luebke
Professor and Head, Department of History

Christina O’Brien

Carol Silverman
Professor of Anthropology and Folklore

David Wacks
Professor of Spanish

Mary Wood
Professor of English

*These are the opinions of the signatories and do not necessarily represent those of the University of Oregon.