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Welcome to the web site of the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies at the University of Oregon. The Program was established in 1998 as the result of a generous gift from the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation of Portland.

The interdisciplinary Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies provides a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum in the history, religion, and civilization of the Jewish people, and offers two years of instruction in Hebrew language and literature. The program offers a Judaic Studies Major leading to a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree and a Judaic Studies Minor. At this time there are no graduate programs offered through the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies.

The Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies also offers public lectures, brown bag seminars, and other events of campus wide and community interest.


“The Accidental Golem Hunters” JQR Blog

In their recent essay, “Kafka’s Golem,” Professor Gantt Gurley of the University of Oregon and Edan Dekel of Williams College explore the quintessential modern Jewish legend, the tale of the Prague golem. Learn more about their approach and inspiration for the essay in “The Accidental Golem Hunters,” now available in the in the current issue of JQR (107.4, fall 2017).

Biblical Hebrew Students view Biblical texts at NCU Library

Intro to Biblical Hebrew students took a Winter Term field trip to visit the NCU Library for a special presentation of Biblical Hebrew texts that were several centuries old. Students viewed and interacted with a Torah scroll from Austria that survived WWII. We learned about its history and the process of restoration. Also on display were Hebrew Bible Lexicons from 17th C. and 18th C. as well as an 18th C. version of the Biblia Hebraica complete in five volumes.

Museum Exhibition: Upon Thy Gates

Upon Thy Gates: The Elaine K. and Norman Winik Mezuzah Collection

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education

724 NW Davis St. Portland, OR 97209

June 7, 2018 – September 23, 2018

Exhibition Gallery Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 11am-5pm

Friday 11am-4pm

Saturday-Sunday 12pm-5pm

Placing a mezuzah on the doorpost is among the most ancient of Jewish traditions. Elaine and Norman Winik collected mezuzahs throughout their numerous visits to Israle and other Jewish communities. Their collection, bequeathed to OJMCHE in 2017, reflects a wide range of styles and materials and is on public