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Welcome to the web site of the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies at the University of Oregon. The Program was established in 1998 as the result of a generous gift from the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation of Portland.

The interdisciplinary Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies provides a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum in the history, religion, and civilization of the Jewish people, and offers two years of instruction in Hebrew language and literature. The program offers a Judaic Studies Major leading to a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree and a Judaic Studies Minor. At this time there are no graduate programs offered through the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies.

The Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies also offers public lectures, brown bag seminars, and other events of campus wide and community interest.

Find out more about Judaic Studies at the University of Oregon by exploring this web site or feel free to contact the Program Director, Dr. Deborah A. Green, with your individual questions.


Wacks Spain-1

Associate Professor David Wacks

Photo: Waiting for a manuscript in the Biblioteca de Catalunya, Barcelona (July 2014)

Associate Professor of Spanish David Wacks teaches and researches the literature and cultures of Spain during the middle ages. This time and place was a microcosm of the questions of religious, linguistic, and ethnic coexistence and conflict that continue to occupy us in today’s shrinking world. In working with these little-known but fascinating literary traditions of the Spanish Muslims, Jews, and Christians, Wacks is able to draw connections between the questions those authors faced and those that we



“Towards a Shared Israeli/Palestinian Academic Freedom” Edy Kaufman

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Knight Library Browsing Room


Towards a Shared Israeli/Palestinian Academic Freedom:

A Constructive Appeal Facing the Pro/Anti Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campus Cleavages

Professor Edward “Edy” Kaufman has served both as the Director of the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland and the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He concurrently teaches at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Haifa University, and the Department of Government and